British AAA cartridges & American AAA cartridges
Major Khan

British AAA cartridges & American AAA cartridges

AAA is not a term familiar to most American hunters. My old Holland and Holland book on "The Paradox" lists AAA as "carrying 50 pellets in 1 and 3/8 oz". Does this sound correct for loads used in India in the past, Major?...........Bill
Actually , Bill ... You are quite close in your assessment .
In Bangladesh , we still use the British measurements from the colonial era .
Please , allow me to break it down and convert all of our buck shot measurements in to a format ... which may be easily understood by you , American gentle men.
>LG is the equivalent of your American 000 buck shot.
>SG is the equivalent of your American 00 buck shot
> SSG is the equivalent of your American # 1 buck shot
> AAA is the equivalent of your American # 4 buck shot .
A small oddity must be noted , however .
American AAA is slightly larger in pellet size , than English AAA.
For instance ... a 2.75 inch 36 gram American AAA 12 Bore cartridge ( Such as the Winchester " Super X " in the centre ) will hold only 27 pellets .
A 2.75 inch 36 gram English AAA cartridge ( Such as Lyalvale Express " Super Game " ) will hold 44 pellets in them .
I have a chart which I would be more than happy to inbox you , should you desire .
Please do not hesitate to ask , Bill.
Thank You Poton.......Yes.....The number 4 buckshot.........of which I have weighed many a a bit larger here....averages 20.6 grains in my notebooks (sorry for grains, but Americans have clung to the old Imperial measurements, and it should have died out 40 years ago). If the H&H book was correct, then the pellets would weigh 12.03 grains, or almost identical to our lead T shot, which averages in my studies, about 11.68 grains. It is no longer loaded much here in lead, but is quite common in soft iron ("steel").....again...thanks for the definition of AAA............Bill

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