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Brain shot on Elephant... Tanzania

When a hunter is going on Elephant hunt for the first time he is always scared about the shot placement. You can shoot the heart, which is a common shot like other game, or shoot the brain which is another story because it is a small and invisible target so you should guess where is the brain, remember what you learnt at home and listen the advices of your PH. The easiest is when the Elephant is fully broadside (try to wait for this position). Rather than a long story check on the 2 pictures: ear hole - cheek bone - bullet entry. In any case, if you miss the brain shoot again as fast as you can in the heart/lung area otherwise you can bye bye to your elephant and your money !!!!! Christophe Morio

Brain shot on Elephant... Tanzania
christophe morio, Sep 23, 2011

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      Great photo
      Good hunt or not , I just feel sorry for killing them for the teeth.
      An elephant is no roebuck.
      And I could hunt buffalos and wild pigs every day,until the rest of my life.
      How many pounds do the teeth have ?
      Do you have any exits from time to time with these placements, if so, from which caliber ?
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    Hunting Africa
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    christophe morio
    Sep 23, 2011
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