Blue Wildebeest Bow Hunt in South Africa

Blue Wildebeest Bow Hunt in South Africa

In just 2 weeks I'm headed out to do the exact same thing, except I'm way younger and way less inexperienced I'm a female and have never hunted in my life what are the requirements needed to increase the probability of grounding one of theas beasts without tackling it by the horns and not having to walk through 2 pairs of shoes and dieing of thirst
hi @chane .. I think as long as you have a good "deer" caliber rifle (.270 or better), use a high quality bullet (I strongly recommend barnes ttsx, but there are several other good options out there also), and put the shot where it belongs (a blue wildebeest has a pretty big set of vitals.. its not that difficult of a shot to make), you will be fine.

If youre hunting with a bow, definitely get your draw weight up to as much as you can handle. I think the 60lb bow I was shooting was probably a minimum, although I've read stories of people shooting lower draw weights at some pretty tough plains game... and I recommend a heavy arrow with a fixed broad head (I was using a 501gr arrow with a G5 montec)..

Wildebeest are much tougher animals than most everything we have in North America.. but they arent invincible.. my wife put hers in the salt with a .308, shooting Barnes Vor-TX factory loads at a distance of over 100 yards with no problem at all..

Good luck! and I hope you have a great hunt!

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