Thunder head

Black Phase Coyote

Probably has some domestic dog in her. I didnt hear any turkeys at my lease so i hurried over to another place stood around for a few minutes listening and nothing. This also happens to be my best yote spot. I broke out the yote gear and set up. Most of the yotes come from the creek bottom in front, but they naturally travel into the clear cut over my right shoulder. So i try and keep an eye on the edge of the clear cut. 19 minutes in i ease my head around and theres a yote standing in the wood line. Hes looking dead at me. I dont think he can make me out but hes nervous. Before i can do anything he turns and melts into the wall of brush. I stop the fawn distress and hit the coyote pup distress. I shift my body around so i can see that edge. I scan down the edge and there sits this black yote. Its looking in my general direction too. I still dont have my gun around. I am waiting for it to look away when the other yote appears 10 yards further down. It turns and starts walking away. When this happens the black yote turns its head to look. This is all i need. As it stands up the crosshairs are setteling in and i punch one through her lungs. I thought i might have trouble finding her in the jungle of the clearcut but there was arterial spray everywhere. Small female with a white patch on her chin, chest and 2 toes on each foot.

Black Phase Coyote
Thunder head, Apr 24, 2011
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