Beretta Silver Sable 9.3x74R Range Shots

Beretta Silver Sable 9.3x74R Range Shots

I’ve been doing some practise shooting and fine-tuning handloads for my Beretta Silver Sable 9.3x74R. My hand loads can’t quite match this level of accuracy yet, but when Norma factory loaded 286gr. Oryx shoot this well, I’m not concerned. I may simply choose to hunt with factory loads from now on. 6 shots at 100M. Shot under-over, check target, shoot another two, check target and shot final two. I didn’t think double rifles were capable of this kind of accuracy!
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O/U doubles are the future, the linear vertical sight plane, scope logic, recoil ergonomics, it all adds up. There will always be a place for the classic SxS, but IMOHO, the O/U is the more versatile. Have both!
I suspect any double rifle owner of any configuration would be quite happy with that kind of accuracy at 100m. I know I would. I'm waiting to pickup my first double. It's also an O/U 9.3x74R and if it shoots like yours I'll be very satisfied. Congrats.

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