BC Bear Rug
I have one in my man cave the granddaughter (when small!) use to lay on and watch TV. She and her friends played on it a lot. I didn’t expect the claws to hold up with them running on it, but so far so good. I was sort of hoping they would mess it up so I could go back to Alaska and take another one.:LOL::ROFLMAO::D!
@edward True - fold him out of the way when playing.

@Ridgewalker understand completely. Mine is eight, so just getting past that. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t bring everything home, and getting much more selective what I shoot. At this point in life, I am not building a larger space, and photos aren’t a bad memory aid. For instance, last month in BC I saw a beautiful golden phase black bear with dark brown muzzle and legs. However, he was only around three or four and much less than six feet. I wasn’t even really tempted.
I'm still looking for a really good bear. Saw quite a few bears this spring and several nice ones, but nothing exceptional. He'll come. And until then having a good time looking!

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