Barnes TTSX
Bob Nelson 35Whelen

Barnes TTSX

I find the 243 neither fish or foul it's to big for small game and to little for medium game.
I like all 25s from 25/20 up to the weatherby.
I designed my own 25 based on a 303 British case necked down to 25caliber, blown out almost straight, the shoulder has been moved forward and is 35 degrees and the neck is now .257 inches long. I call it the 25/303 Epps Newton improved
It launches a 115grain nosler combined technology silver tip at 3,300+ fps and a 100grain Barnes TTSX at 3,600+ fps. These are actual chronoed velocities.
Sounds like a great round for chambering in a Ruger #1 or T/C Encore. Velocity is equal to a .257 Wby.
There is something about those .25’s. I’m a huge fan of the .257 Roberts and .25/06, plus the .25/06 in an Encore handgun. I’ve long had an infatuation with the .257 Wby but I haven’t gotten one YET.
Mate i cant explain the velocity i get.
I switched to hogdon superformance and got up to 250 fps more than 4831sc
My son has the same cartridge on an SMLE No4 action and it does almost 25/06 velocity with low pressures.
The 25s are far better than any 6mm.

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