Australia Hunting Hog

Australia Hunting Hog

Nice pig. What’s the rifle?
"What’s the rifle?"

Dumolin built FN Mauser in 7x64.
Nice, I like my 7mm-08, oh and others but I believe 7mm punches above its weight.
Did you way the pig?
I mostly get medium pigs so I’m still hunting for something with some size. They are not so easy to find in Western NSW.
I need a real monster if I’m going to make a trophy of it.
Warthogs look so much cooler than our Feral Pigs. But I’m glad we have something to hunt.
I definitely agree with you regarding the effectiveness of the 7mm's.

The boar you see in this pic was taken in the N.T one morning.
It was standing out on the floodplain at about 160yds.
There was two other boars about the same size much closer to me at about 90yds.
I shot this one first and pole-axed it then swung on to the other two and dropped both with one shot each. It was very impressive.
I did not weigh any of them but my estimates for all three that morning was between 100 - 120kg's each. I also got two sets of tusks out of the three that were over 10" long for each tusk.
I'm using T.S.X's in 140gn in a mild load of 2850fps and it is absolutely devastating.

I absolutely love the 7x64mm.

Good hunting to you.
Key points.
  • Northern Territory
  • Barnes TSX
  • 7mm, awesome all rounder for Australia
Got It.
Yeah my best guess is Pigs I’ve shot are 80kg at the larger end. Bigger pigs certainly exist across the region i hunt. I’d say I’d make a fair estimate and I haven’t shot anything over 100kg, I saw a big one cross a road and I’ve seen some nice pics of big pigs.
I also shoot for pest management so size doesn’t matter I get satisfaction from taking any amount cleanly. I started with factory Winchester 139gn soft points. $300 case of 200. I could hardly get brass for that. They were effective and now I’m playing testing various projectiles as I get a chance. I’ve read plenty on Barnes TSX with excellent reviews. I’m going to test some Woodleigh projectiles being Australian made. Good reputation and it would be nice to have more industry on our shores.
Hey CBH,
whilst, no doubt, it's nice to take a big hog Trophy, or anything else that's big for that matter, but hunting for me is not all about that.
Most of the time i'm happy just being out there, having a walk, hunting and enjoying.
If a big one turns up then yeh, i'll take it but if not then it's all still good.

I've been very fortunate in my hunting time to have taken some awesome "trophies", but by the same token I've been EXTREMELY fortunate to simply spend a LOT of time out in the bush enjoying the freedom and fresh air.

I'm about to embark on my first SERIOUS Sambar hunting season with my 3y.o GWP. She has hunted before this but it was still in training mode.
This year we are focusing on the hunting.
Regardless of what we end up taking or not taking, as long as she is enjoying herself I love spending time in the bush with her and if we get a deer, good and well, if we don't then bad luck that's why they call it hunting and not shopping.

Best of luck to you in your hunting pursuits, shoot straight and shoot often !

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