The Artistry of Wildlife

Asian Ibex Pedestal Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

What's makes a great mount is great parts. make all the small details exceptional and you have an exceptional piece. From eye set angle and depth , to eyelids created anatomically correct, upper lower and eyelid crease , to horn set and placement, to proper ear butt size and shape , shape of the ear. Hand picked eyes for color and size , Custom created shoulder and neck anatomy, altering a form out of the box that most of the time will not meet my standards. To hand picking the woods , walnut in this case from my local amish mill and then the craftsmanship of my amish friends making all your bases. The creativeness of the base itself to accent the habit. To the slight open mouth of this mature ram kinda ticked off with some attitude , Proper placement of the teeth, depth and realism. The rebuilding of the soft eye tissue and the soft nose pads that dry up in tanning and airbrushing of the subtle colors of the skin around the eyes and nose and inside every animals ears. When I mount a piece for you, I mount ever area and details as if it's the center of your attention and THAT in the end creates what I do. The sum my quality, is in the all the small things added up !

Asian Ibex Pedestal Shoulder Mount Taxidermy
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