Argentina Hunt Axis Deer
Caza y Safaris Argentina

Argentina Hunt Axis Deer

Stunning Axis deer, well done congrats to the hunter.
For my own curiousity, i'm guessing 37-38" main beams ?, am i close ?
If so that is massive for here in Aus any stag over 30" is quite good with 32" stags being exceotional.
Again, well done.
Hi Paul
It's a 35 ", gold medal trophy, you can find it bigger also but a excepcional her is like 92cm 93cm 37-38"

Thank you, in our area you can find this size but our average is 30-32"

It's a great area for Axis, the good quality and quantity of trophies!

Best Regards,
Federico Oliva
Hunting Consultant

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