AR15 Rifle

AR15 Rifle

I just did a similar build a few weeks ago for similar purposes (hog gun)... but I went the AR15 route rather than AR10.. and went 458 SOCOM (I can salvage the over .375 requirement for you! :D )...

Bear Creek upper
SOLGW lower
Drop in Rise Armament single stage, 3.0lb trigger
Magpul furniture
Vortex cantilever mount
Vortex strike eagle optic

458 SOCOM uses standard AR mags.. so nothing special there.. I did buy a couple of 458 SOCOM labeled/marked mags though just so I could have a few dedicated specifically to this rifle as opposed to grabbing mags out of my 556 stash..

I've got a high output green light made by sniper hog I will mount on it for night time use with the strike eagle.. or I am considering a Sightmark Wraith day/night vision optic for it as well...

Should be an absolute hammer on hogs out to about 150 yards (way more range than I need for the places I typically hunt them)..

Also built an almost identical rifle to the one described here at the same time.. but in .350 legend.. same basic parts/components.. although the 350 legend does require special magazines.. (and doesnt meet the above .375 requirement :D )..
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