AHR .416 Ruger Rifle

AHR .416 Ruger Rifle

American Hunting Rifles (AHR) did his magic/upgrades on the barreled action and created a solid and beautifully simple safari rifle. The CZ stampings are milled off, trigger is replaced, 3-position safety (Model 70 style) and bolt handle is straightened, filled and refinished. Wayne works these actions so they feed flawlessly. Cross bolts are added and the action is fitted to AHR's proprietary stock and the action is glass and pillar bedded. Barrel was recrowned and safari sights and barrel band was added and all metal is refinished. Rifle will come with Alaska Arms QR rings (30 mm). These are great rings. LOP is 13.5. Have 100 pieces of new brass and dies.
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I have decided I will sell this. I have a new AHR on the way. I am keeping the rings now. Great all weather rifle for Alaska or Africa.
Looks like I may have missed your inquiry 450 Rigby! Apologies. Bumping this to the top.

I just noticed that my description was flawed a bit. I don’t have the build sheet, but this had to be full custom build.

edit: heck, just bumped this from my phone. Let me get to the computer in a bit. I don’t even see a price.

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