7x61 Sharpe & Hart Caliber Rifle

7x61 Sharpe & Hart Caliber Rifle

I hate being ignorant. I'm usually not stumped for long with firearms, always a tell-tale sign of what it is.

Not today. This is a best gun made by a virtually unknown gunsmith named Carl Joseph Roth, Jr. of Sheridan and Cheyenne, Wyoming. He died in 2019. One other example in the belly of google search is known, but it was an FN supreme Mauser and this one is absolutely not a Mauser.

So what is it? Here's what I can tell you. It has a mid-century style stock in exhibition black walnut and maple. It is beautifully jeweled. It has a three-lug locking bolt and it cocks on opening. The bolt shroud is smooth and has no apparatus on it. The safety is part of the trigger guard and a high-quality fire control group is sealed in a unit affixed to the bottom metal. It has a milled bottom metal of high quality and the bottom metal is affixed with three screws similar to a Mauser 98 or a Pre-64 Winchester. Oh, it's in 7x61 Sharpe & Hart as far as caliber is concerned. So standard long action.

A friend of mine asked me why it doesn't fire (it does) so I'm assuming a good cleaning and a new firing pin spring will eliminate any issues other than bad ammo from that scenario. However, If I can't find out what it is, I can't figure out what spring my friend needs to buy.

Guesses welcome and appreciated!:
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