7x57 Mauser M98 Rifle

7x57 Mauser M98 Rifle

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Georg, this is a beautiful rifle...I notice the description to be a Mauser ?? It looks to me like a Mannlicher Schoenauer..?????(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
@Gert Odendaal No I dont think so it looks like a Mauser action. Might give appearance of Mannlicher cause of the full stock. Either way its a super nice looking rifle there sir!
The gun is for sale,...450 €/ 514 $/7046 SAR plus shipping

It is a Mauser M98 with a so called Mannlicher stock, 7x57 is pure boer caliber (y)

@HWL Thats a great price! But import costs would add another R20k to it! Never mind our ridiculous police service and all their demands.

Would have loved to own it!
@Roan another R2K or R20K????
@HWL Another R15-20 000.00. It’s absurd! Shipping out of the country is alot cheaper.

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