Anthony George

550grn Woodleigh RN SN Bullet Performance

Along the way, while butchering I recovered the projectile from the first shot, it had entered below the left eye, passed out the back of the skull and down through the vertebral lugs alone the spine coming to rest just in front of the right shoulder, almost a metre of penetration and finished at 355grns or 64.5 % weight retention ! Amazing projectiles these Heavy Woodleigh Round Nose Soft Nose. The amount of work the projectile had done is astounding. The third shot projectile was also recovered, it had totally demolished the spinal Atlas and cranial base, coming to rest at base of tongue, and finished at 367grns, or 66.7 % weight retention, amazing.

550grn Woodleigh RN SN Bullet Performance
Anthony George, Jul 23, 2018
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