500 gr DGS Bullet Peformance

500 gr DGS Bullet Peformance

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Poor pic but you will get the idea. 4 bullets on the left are non-bonded 500 gr DGS fired from my Lott and recovered from a buff in Mozambique. All shots inside 40 yards. Horrific performance.

Single bullet on the right, 500 gr trophy bonded bearclaw, same rifle, recovered from a buff in RSA. 495 gr recovered weight, 3+ feet straight line penetration. The shot was at about 70 yards. Outstanding.

Hornady May have corrected the problem with bonding. I will never know as they have lost my business for good. These bullets could have gotten someone killed. I shoot bearclaws and A-Frames exclusively for DG softs now. I shoot Woodleigh hydros and Swift breakaways for DG solids.
thanks for posting this picture and the story to explain it! that Federal TBBC looks good, i second your opinion on using those or A-frames for DG.
I hunted SA last May and experienced frontal shot failures with my .375 H&H Hornady 300gr DGX into a Sable at 100 yards; and a .458 Lott 500gr Hornady DGX into a Cape Buffalo at 81 yards. Both bullets exploded with not a lot of penetration, and required much follow up. These were the unbonded rounds, before they quietly introduced the bonded rounds. I have since moved to Swift A-Frames and Break-Aways for DG. For me, A-Frames when you don't want a pass-thru, Break-Aways when the animal has separated from the herd.

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