4x4 Hunter Knife
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4x4 Hunter Knife

Its here. My new Von Gruff 4x4 Hunter. A new design from Garry after showing me a couple of sketchs for design after considering what i was asking for.
I just rang him to let him know they arrived safely.
Mine has Redgum Timber handles supplied by me from a piece i cut. Garry stabilised my wood and finished it nicely. The concept was a maximum length of 8" and i wanted it to look balanced or in proportion. So its about half handle half blade. The blade is a good thickness at the spune and has a flat grind as requested. It can be used for skinning but could easily be used for all sorts of cutting chores. I added a Brass flat back bolster in the mix after seeing one Garry posted in a thread. It just makes it look a little more refined.
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