.458 Lott Range Shots
Forrest Halley

.458 Lott Range Shots

Today was another high speed failure.

Took the businesswoman out for a run with my reloads. Took a few test shots and tried to make some speed. I am not proficient enough with this rifle. It is loud. It is abrupt. It does not hurt me to shoot, but I am not at home with it at all. I must dryfire this rifle more and practice more. I found out my reloads are not good as I thought they were. I spent some time fixing that afterwards. Now I know why people taper crimp instead of roll crimping. I had too much of a crimp and had a slight bulge that I didn't perceive that ruined my speed run. I didn't plunk test the rounds in the chamber. Lesson reinforced.
Anyway here's ten shots from my .458 Lott at 25 yards. Yes I'm aware there is some wandering, but they stayed on the 10" paper plate. 7:30 flyer is not from today.
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