450 Dakota AHR CZ 550 Rifle

You guys know the rifle. It is the beauty I just killed my Buffalo with, while hunting in Zimbabwe with Cody, John Sharp and Dave Langerman. It is a fully sorted rifle. Wayne had the rifle in July to install a new mag box with thinner walls to ensure adequate grip by the action rails on the cases, during vigorous reloads. Shoots and feeds softs, TSX and Hydros, and can give you Lott performance at very low pressure or essentially 460 Weatherby performance if you want to run those kind of pressures (I don't and didn't!). This rifle has the nicest trigger I have ever had on a hunting rifle. Close as I can measure it is right about 3 pounds and very crisp. LOP is 13 5/8" (I used a Beartooth neoprene buttstock cover with a 1/4" gel insert to get 14") Barrel is 23" Weight un-scoped, un-loaded is 10.5 lbs.

450 Dakota AHR CZ 550 Rifle
tarbe, Sep 19, 2019

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