425WR Rifle

425WR Rifle

I found an even better condition ex Tsetse Control rifle in Windhoek. Rifle was apparently built mid 1950's, but man its in great condition for a Game dept. rifle of that age. The guy who owned it was a hunter and 'smithy, so all feeding work had been completed and this beauty arrived late last year.

You will all no doubt be blown away, that our local gun shop had 425WR ammo on the shelf. Not Kynoch, but made by LFB. (Germany) So this baby became a safe queen for a few months until I could find a place to try her out. I had to have a local smithy make a small dovetail to mount my RMR on. (I cant see all that well - open sights not an option unfortunately)

I finally got to take her out about a month ago and wow! The rifle is magic, she shoots as expected and I am very happy with the RMR out to around 90m. I don't plan on taking any game much further than 50m with this rifle, so that's good enough for me. (Plus I would hate to put a scope onto this!)

Recoil is very acceptable and feeding is really beautiful! The only challenge I have is to sort out some trigger creep after the first few shots.

I now own a piece of history and love it!
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