425 Bullet

425 Bullet

I recently got the bug for a “400” caliber rifle, to fill the “gap” between my .375H&H and my .470NE.

You guys know how it is!

I wanted something a little more unusual than the de facto std of .416Rigby. (Don’t get me wrong I love that caliber also - and that’s another story)

I ended up finding a real little gem. (imho) I bought a 1940/50 Rhodesian Tsetse control Dept. 425WR. The history and character make it all the more attractive to me - even though it’s not a fancy “best” grade Westley Richards, it’s still MY Westley Richards!

It’s now been in the safe for almost 2 months and I still haven’t managed to shoot her - if you would believe that there is no rifle range in Lusaka! I think this weekend a farm visit is in order!

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