416 Taylor

416 Taylor

It sounds like the older reamers might have been set up with the shoulder at 32 degrees like in the pic below, that Norma case looks like it has a .416 Remington shoulder!! I had my dies custom made in Oz back in '92 but lost contact with the old smith. I only use Winchester .458 brass run through my neck sizer & fireformed using almost full power loads. I trim them to minimum length after first firing as a few end up with slightly uneven necks. I have plenty of cases fired 5 times but probably lose 2.0% each firing. Don't get caught up in the fireforming process mate just size & fire as the case headspaces on the belt. Some of my best bulls were decked using forming loads. My max H4895 load with 410gn Woodleigh is 74.0gns for 2410fps & I use 70.0 gns to form at about 2280-2300fps, these kill very well! I have lots of data with Varget & H4895, IMR4320 shows more pressure & less velocity than these two with the heavier pills!
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