416 Rigby Rifle built by Harald Wolf

416 Rigby Rifle built by Harald Wolf

I have a 416 Rigby that was buildt for a Spanish client, commisioned by Tony Sanchez Arino. I had the privilage to hunt on various occasions with Tony. He was a house friend of my Spanish employer. The rifle was buildt for my employers farher in law, when he passed away the rifle went to my employer. In 1999 on a big game hunt in the Caprivi in Namibia the safety broke. The rifle was put in a safe and never looked at again. Eventually the owner asked Tony to take the bolt to Spain after a safari in Namibia atound 2010, to send it to Harald Wolf. From then to now the bolt got lost. The owner sold the farm in Namibia and now i have this rifle. In the photos of the rifle there is a bolt in some of the fotos, we just tried a bolt to make sure of the size. As can be seen, the bolt is a std action and to small.
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