404 Jeffery, 404 Magnum Schüler, 416 WBY Magnum

404 Jeffery, 404 Magnum Schüler, 416 WBY Magnum

The Schüler cartridge made with a 416 WBY brass after removing the belt. Interesting cartridge caliber 423.
It is about the cartridge 404 Magnum Schüler which is very similar to the cartridge 416 WBY Magnum but without a belt. That's why this cartridge was formed with brass of the cartridge 416 WBY Magnum.

This is not about inventing a new cartridge , but about to reactivate the mysterious old cartridge 404 Magnum Schüler which was designed by August Schüler from Suhl sometime in the early 20th century.
@kurpfalzjäger I LIKE it! I love obscure/obsolete and/ or wildcat cartridges. At their time in cartridge history, there was a reason and/or purpose for their development. I find this extremely interesting? Maybe I need to get out more! Ha! Ha!
Some of us have been dreaming for years about reactivating this cartridge. But it is not easy , expensive , and anyway it would not have a commercial future.

August Schüler has developed some very interesting things , best example the 12.7x70 Schüler / 500 Jeffery. Unfortunately , the colonial history of Germany was close to the end and later the competition from England in terms of rifles and cartridges was very high. Cartridges like the 11,2x72 and 12,7x70 were hardly able to establish themselves at the time. Only the 500 Jeffery , alias 12,7x70 Schüler is surprisingly coming back.

I will continue to dream of the cartridge 404 Magnum Schüler !:)
@kurpfalzjäger Thanks for the cartridge history! I love it! My wife says I’m the “master of useless trivia”! I don’t care, I enjoy all history and in this forum, cartridge history! Keep it coming!

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