375 Ruger Rifle & 358 Winchester Rifle
Alaska Luke

375 Ruger Rifle & 358 Winchester Rifle

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Bob the 358 isn't for sale, I'm not sure how that picture got into a different forum from my intro.

The 358 is cut down at both ends. I shortened the LOP, still need to make a recoil pad to fit. The barrel is trimmed to 17 inches. I have a very specialized job for the 358. I have a plan to backpack into the mountains, shoot a bear and float it out with a packraft. So I wanted a light rifle that could kill an interior grizzly. An I didn't want to spend a ton of money. With a 2.5 Leopold scope the 358 weighs 6 lbs 5oz. I don't think I could get lighter without spending at least twice as much money. I may also use it as backup when I hunt with kids.

The 375 Ruger is what I use for serious hunting, especially for bigger bears. I had the barrel cut to 18 inches and I put the plastic stock on. Total weight with a scope is a bit over 8 pounds. I hand load ammo that is a bit below factory velocity so recoil is manageable. I may post more about the 375. It's kind of an ongoing project.
@Alaska Luke
The 358 is very under rated the velocity allows standard cup and core bullets to work to perfection especially the 225 Sierra game king and the 250gn Speer hotcore. Kills beyond what it should.
Cheers mate Bob.

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