.375 Ruger, .458 Ruger wildcat, .458 Lott

I re-barreled a friends .338 win mag in a Ruger M77 to what we now call the .458 Ruger (wildcat). It is a .375/.416 Ruger necked up to .458". Yes it has a tiny shoulder but works a treat. We used .416 Ruger cases as they were easier to neck up to .458" CH4D made a set of dies from a few fired cases we sent them (took 18 months to get the dies) This cartridge runs about 50-60 fps slower with 500gr bullets than the .458 Lott from a 24" barrel. He has not had a chance to give it a run on Aussie buffalo yet but I am sure it will work well.

.375 Ruger, .458 Ruger wildcat, .458 Lott
GeoffB, May 29, 2020
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    • CoElkHunter
      This is really cool! Since no belt, no problems with head spacing with the shadow of a shoulder? I have read where the .400 Whelen could have this problem if the chamber wasn't reamed correctly and/or the dies were made out of specs?
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    May 29, 2020
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