.375 Rifle

That I do not understand at all, I have shot so much game with full metal jacket, can not complain. Also two capes I shot with FJM.One of them without a FMJ/solid, not to get. Best effect.After 15-60 m everything was going down. A friend, round 50 buffalos on his list, all with .375 and FMJ. If a bullet goes through the bushes, as is often the case , I know at least that in the shoulder is a deep hole. From the Soft bullets nobody can say that, no matter what he shoots.If a soft bullet comes across it does not penetrate deep enough, the damage to the FJM/Solid is much greater. Shoot once 10 heads game at home, if legal and good shots provided and you will be surprised, not to mention the meat processing. in those area,I feel much better with a solid.One step right or left and he is in cover. Exit hole on a fresh 70 centimeter beech 300 gn Hornady FJM .375 Dont have sorrows,placed in the machineroom, the wound channel is big enough

.375 Rifle
Foxi, Nov 28, 2019

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    Nov 28, 2019
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