.375 H&H Rifle

.375 H&H Rifle

I got my .375 H&H in 1992. I bought it from a South African guy's friend. I never met that S.A. guy...I would be delighted to did it! It is a Winchester 70 made in 1954. Well used but not abused, with a clean and bright barrel inside. I fixed the cracks in the stock at the recoil stop and in front of the trigger. I read some comments in articles by Finn Aagaard where he wrote to have not seen any Winchester 70 pre 64 in .375 without those cracks. When I fixed them in mine, I saw the action recoil shoulder did not made contact with the stock recoil stop. So, the cracks were inevitable. Having fix it, the rifle is a true M.O.A. rifle from 100 to 300 meters. Very consistently! I used this rifle as my main Big Red Deer and Wild boar gun since 1993 to 2017. Mostly mountain hunting. Loaded and scoped the weight is around 9 1/5 pounds. A little muzzle heavy but not to much. This W 70 is the best of my rifles in terms of feeding cartridges and extracting-ejecting fired cases. Period. It feeds 4 rounds as if there weren't any rounds !!! And the extraction-ejection is as smooth as it can be! My favorites loads are: Hornady Spire point 270 grs at 2700 f/s; Barnes X (the original ones without any grooves) 250 grs at 2850 f/s, and the Nosler Partition and Accubond 260 grs at also 2850 f/s. Zeroed at 200 meters they are 2,5" up at 100 meters and 25 cm down at 300 meters. I use it alternatively with two scopes in Warne Premier (the first ones from the early '90s with machined steel made by Greg Warne itself) detachable mounts: a Zeiss Diatal ZA 4x32 and a Zeiss Victory 1,5-6x42. Both with reticle 4.
Long live to the .375 H&H.
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