Bob Nelson 35Whelen

35 Whelen Rifle built on a Stevens 200/savage 110 action

MAB 25 inch stainless barrel 1in 12 twist and rifle basix trigger topped with a Zeiss scope. Three quarter inch groups at 100 yards. Best grouping 5 shooters 2 shots each, 5 different projectiles 10 shots into 1.2 inches at 100 yardsBuilt to take to Namibia for plains game.

35 Whelen Rifle built on a Stevens 200/savage 110 action
Bob Nelson 35Whelen, May 29, 2020
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    • CBH Australia
      Bob, where is that nice dark laminate stock? I do own plastic but one of the s called Ugly Betty cause I wanted n ugly rifle I can carry in a rack or not care about a mark on it.
    • Bob Nelson 35Whelen
      @CBH Australia
      The pepper laminate one is in 35 Whelen AI Douglas competition barrel, Boyds stock and Timney trigger.
      Works really well launches a 185 gn ACP at 3,100 fps does wonders to pigs but just didn't like so went the standard Whelen.
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    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    May 29, 2020
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