308 Norma Mag project

So, I decided to tweak the rifle a little. The idea is to make it as accurate as possible to take advantage of the long range potential. Also, got a deal on wood for a new stock. The new barrel is stainless steel Benchmark # 5 that was spiral fluted to reduce weight.

308 Norma Mag project
Pheroze, Jun 3, 2019

    • flatwater bill
      Exotic looking blanks......................Have seen lots of interest in the 300 Norma of late, but almost none regarding the 308 Norma.......(which died a premature death in the USA at the hands of the 300 Win Mag)........Curious.....why this choice? Best of luck with it...........FWB
    • Pheroze
      @flatwater bill I was looking for something with a bit more umph than my 06. I wanted a collection of belted cases for some reason not totally understood lol. I was originally looking at the 300 H&H and then heard about this one. I like the case design and its unique but not altogether rare.
    • Hogpatrol
      Benchmark has been making good barrels as of late. The #5 contour is just right for fluted on that cartridge. Good luck with the project.
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    • flatwater bill
      Pheroze....I like your reasoning.....I have some cartridges just because........because I like them....always liked Norma 308 better than Win, because it has a neck for of luck......FW Bill
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    Jun 3, 2019
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