.270 Rifle with the Rosewood

.270 Rifle with the Rosewood

Here's an example of a .270 with the rosewood. Stock work done by a gentleman in PA. Wood from Hearne's Hardwoods.
I built the rifle for a good friend of mine, chambered in .270W on a Stiller action, barrel is a Brux. Unfortunately it isn't mine.
He got the blank from our fellow dove hunter Brian Hearne of Hearne's Hardwoods. I forget what kind of walnut it is but it was a premium piece. He sent it to CRS in Pennsylvania but the guy did a bad job on it so we gave it to Mike Zuba in Cochranville, PA to repair and finish. Mike works on a lot of high end rifles and shotguns and did a superb job on the stock including the checkering. He's not cheap but for an heirloom rifle, I would use him in a heartbeat.

Anyway, Thanks for the compliment!

Thank you for sharing. Yes, great work is not cheap, but worth every penny. I hope she shoots as well as she looks. (y)(y)
He's not a reloader so only tried three different factory loads. It liked the Browning BXR 134s out of the three, shoots average 1/2 moa out to 200 yards. Never stretched it any further but he did kill a nice whitetail doe this year at a little over 200. He loves it! Am building him a .223 with the same wood. He sent that to Richard's out in California and they actually did a lot better job on the barrel channel and inletting. It will go to Mike for finishing. Might be a couple months but I'll post a pic of it when finished.

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