Become an BENEFACTOR & SUPPORTER BENEFACTORS & SUPPORTERS are devoted members who appreciate and have benefited from being a member of our community and choose to give back and help support the site by paying for an upgraded non-commercial membership.

If this site has been a valuable tool in helping you to prepare and plan for an upcoming hunt or if you have benefitted from some of the great deals or hunts offered. If you have saved money or time from information you have gained or learned here, please consider becoming an AH BENEFACTOR or SUPPORTER and show your appreciation by clicking here to sign up at Support

You will receive a GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE BENEFACTOR ribbon depending on the BENEFACTOR level that you choose or you will receive a TITANIUM, PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE SUPPORTER seal depending on the SUPPORTER level that you choose. BENEFACTORS & SUPPORTERS ribbons will appear on every post you have made in the forum and your username will show in the "Members online Now" listing in the BENEFACTORS & SUPPORTERS colors.

While we are grateful to BENEFACTORS & SUPPORTERS, no extra leeway is afforded to any members for violations of the Terms. BENEFACTOR & SUPPORTER Memberships are currently available for the following levels:

  • BRONZE SUPPORTER US$ 25 per year
  • SILVER SUPPORTER US$ 50 per year
  • GOLD SUPPORTER US$ 100 per year
  • PLATINUM SUPPORTER US$ 250 per year
  • TITANIUM SUPPORTER US$ 500 per year

Becoming an BENEFACTOR & SUPPORTER is simple. Go to the Account Upgrades page by clicking here.

Once on the Account Upgrades page, simply click the Purchase or Subscribe button to make your payment via PayPal. Our system will make all of the necessary adjustments for you automatically, please allow 24 hours for your new status to show on the site.

If you are a company, professional hunter, hunting guide, outfitter or agent you may not become a BENEFACTOR or SUPPORTER of AH as it is for non-commercial members only. Should you wish to SPONSOR the site please click here to learn more.

Why after signing up my BENEFACTOR & SUPPORTER membership is not active?
The system which automatically handles all BENEFACTOR & SUPPORTER member's accounts runs on a daily basis; if you have paid within the past few hours but are not yet upgraded our system has simply not gotten your account information from PayPal yet. If it has been over 24 hours and your account is still not upgraded, verify that your PayPal payment was received by logging into your PayPal account at>. If your payment did go through please contact us.

How can I cancel my supporting member account subscription?
While using PayPal subscriptions to pay for your supporting member account, simply login to your PayPal account, find your latest bill and cancel the subscription. Our system will automatically adjust your account and move you to the proper user group when your subscription expires.

Can I get a refund for my supporting membership?
We do not issue any refunds under any circumstances.

Do supporting members get special treatment?
Absolutely not! appreciates the contribution made by all of our members but we do not grant favors to members of any level. The Terms are clearly worded to outline what is allowed and what is not, any user violating the rules will be subject to the same disciplinary actions as any other member regardless of what they pay. Paying to upgrade is not a way to avoid the Terms!

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