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  1. David Westmoreland
    David Westmoreland
    "Pull It ALL the WAY Back"!
  2. AfricanEclipse
    Bitten by the Africa bug!
  3. Syncerus Caffer
    Syncerus Caffer
    Out for a wallow
  4. Abdullah alkatheri
  5. Steve Weasel Topliff
    Steve Weasel Topliff
    18th century American history firearms and history
  6. Sheldrake
    Love hunting!
  7. crazyhunter
    I am Mark Wood. I am wildlife hunter. It is not my profession it is my Passion.
  8. DHH45
  9. L'Atelier Verney-Carron
    L'Atelier Verney-Carron BenKK
    Hi BenKK,
    We shot an elephant with solid Woodleigh 1000gr and a rhino with woodleigh soft nosed 1000gr.
    We found the bullet on the rhino, it finished at 994.2gr.
  10. Iwannahunt
    Iwannahunt Safari Co. Africa
    I am looking for a 9-10 day, good trophy potential free range buff. hunt in Zimbabwe with some opportunistic PG hunting. If you'd like to send me some info. I'd like to take a look.

  11. Iwannahunt
    Iwannahunt jacques smith
    VERY nice sable!
  12. Marulapi Hunting Safaris
    Marulapi Hunting Safaris
    Marulapi Hunting Safaris will give you a hunting experience of a life time! We are situated in the western bush veld of South Africa.
  13. Ron Herkstroeter
    Ron Herkstroeter Milehighshooter
    I am still very interested in the 223. Call or text me to set up a time we can meet. Thanks Ron 970-980-5488
  14. Iwannahunt
    Iwannahunt Shootist43
    Thanks, Nice bull.
  15. Bas
    Again thank you for your input on non com bullets. You mentioned the 260gr. SOCOM and posted pics of the bwb. (Great heart shot btw). A number of manufacturers call some of their bullets SOCOM, exactly which one were you referring to ?

    Thanks, I always enjoy your posts.
    Bas (Bob)
  16. jo ann
    jo ann
    hello all!
  17. jo ann
    jo ann
    Hi everyone! Newbie here and im from Florida:) joining here to get info's and advice hunting in Namibia!
  18. BenW
    Always outside
  19. Luis Almeida
    Luis Almeida
    Just came from the eastern cape, where I hunted an impala, a great steenbok and a mountain reedbuck, with Karoo Wild Safaris.
  20. Moretla Safaris
    Moretla Safaris
    For a unforgettable hunting experience contact Moretla Safari's
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