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  1. Umlilo Safaris
    Umlilo Safaris smokepole
    Hunt solid-hard bossed bulls only: South Africa & Zambia: 33-36" $8250 (3 days/4 nights) 5 left / 38-41" $11 000 (5 days/6 nights) multiple left
    Old Cows $4250 (3 days/4 nights) 3 left / Bull/Cow Combo $12 000 (5 days/6 nights) 3 left
    We have buff bulls up to 45" too / Have taken numerous 17"+ solid bossed bulls the past 2 seasons!
    We make sure you hunt your buffalo….not just shoot it like in a zoo!
  2. alimufti
    gotta be back in africa
  3. Little Bwana
    Little Bwana matt85
    Hey matt, that 6.5x55 still available?
  4. Boyd Brooks
    Boyd Brooks
    Seventeen days to wait before my first adventure to the dark continent with my daughter. Oh it is taking to long!!
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  5. npm352
    npm352 Philip Glass
    Hey Philip, Did you end up getting that awesome lion of yours back to the states yet? Nick
    1. Philip Glass
      Philip Glass
      Nick yes I did! Skin being tanned and skull bronzed now. Very excited
      Apr 12, 2018
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  6. lpace
    lpace Scott Slough
    Hi again. I sure would like to chat about bow hunting in Texas if you have a minute or two. My cell number is (208) 541-5412.

  7. John Downing lll
    John Downing lll
  8. lpace
    lpace Red Leg
    Thanks for all of your help and information about Texas! I have no idea when we will make it 'down there' for a recognizance mission, but when we do I would love to have a drink and swap a few 'stories'. :). By the way, nice buffalo! Being a bow hunter and not as young as I used be, I don't know of I will ever get to 'pull the trigger' on one or not....
    1. Red Leg
      Red Leg
      Welcome anytime! Nothing wrong with a fine rifle.
      Apr 8, 2018
  9. lpace
    lpace Scott Slough
    Hi, thanks for the offer to share your cell number to chat about Texas. By the way, nice kudu and I'm a bow hunter too. :)
  10. Terry Blauwkamp
    Terry Blauwkamp pedrettid

    Noticed your post on AF Hunting, and maybe I can help you. If you will send me your e-mail address to
    I have lot so information I can send you as I do seminars at SCI and Dallas Safari Clubs on "Going to Africa the First Time".

    I've only been there 32 times, but finally getting the hang of it.


    Terry Blauwkamp
  11. Henkie van der Walt
  12. Uitkomst Hunting Safaris
    Uitkomst Hunting Safaris
    "Your African Adventure Awaits You"
  13. Bwanabob
    Missing Africa terribly!
  14. chris badenhorst
    chris badenhorst France Safaris
    Hi there, u must come visit south africa in case u havent been yet...
  15. Mekis
    NRA life member. U.S. Army veteran. Hunted deer, bear, turkeys, ducks, geese, etc. I've been on two unsuccessful Ontario moose hunts.
  16. Bill_Canada
    Avid deer/moose hunter in Canada. Downsizing and selling my collection of original Mark Enslin (South African wildlife artist) paintings.
  17. geoff rath
    geoff rath Dr Ray
    G'day Dr Ray, I hope and pray you've not been flooded out up there; our rain in Brownsville (well, not an more :) is useful but NOTHING like what I hear of Cairns! Stay safe, and good hunting, when you can get out again.....
  18. Toro
    Hunting hard!
  19. 50by50
    50by50 Bobpuckett
    Hey Bob- matt here. I just read your report with huntershill. Would you mind giving me some advice on how to hunt the eastern cape? I’m considering a hunt with huntershill and wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks Bob!
  20. 50by50
    50by50 LRich
    Hey LRich- my name is matt and I saw on a thread that you wouldn’t mind talking about huntershill? I am looking at booking with them
    1. LRich
      Matt, I'm sorry that I just now saw your request. Call me at 512-789-5092.

      Apr 13, 2018