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  1. Bob Nelson 35Whelan
    Bob Nelson 35Whelan tyson426
    Looking forward to talking to you more about you plans for Namibia. If you have any more questions mate contact me on this site or Facebook messenger.
    Thank you for your kind offer for elk you never know what the future holds.
  2. Bob Nelson 35Whelan
    Bob Nelson 35Whelan tyson426
    It was great talking to you the other day mate. Send me a a Facebook request and I win add you to hunting with Harald and friends. This will help you find out more about his operation. He has also updated the Osambahe Nord facebook page with photos of the accommodation.
    I just finished my story on hunting Namibia with Osombahe Nord.
  3. aldomoz
    Never reveal everthing you know...
  4. Jan-Daniel
    Make your dream of a african safari a reality.
  5. Paul Kolbeck
    Paul Kolbeck
    RANCE SAFARIS Thanks for the opportunity
  6. Chris English
  7. baxterb
    baxterb Thomas G. Vogt

    does your Whitworth 458 have british proof marks?

  8. spud06
    spud06 Shawn.54
    Shawn, read a post where you mentioned using GS Custom 200 HVs in the 375. I was too until the company shut down. Did you stock up or are you looking for a replacement? Perry
    SURE SIGHT firehuntfish
    If you are interested please feel free to check out our product on AH or on
    Also please feel free to PM me at
    Thank you
    SURE SIGHT firehuntfish
    Good day, my name is Roger Macdonald.
    Our company Sure Sight manufacture an automatic bow sight, we would like to start selling into the US market this year, while speaking to Jerome yesterday about ways to try do this, he mentioned yourself as a possible candidate to try help us promote our sight.
  11. Elizabeth Howard
  12. Tokoloshe Safaris
    Tokoloshe Safaris Travel Express
    Hi Lori, Requesting help with a problem. I will be traveling Business Class Bulawayo to Denver Co., Returning Denver, Co., I have been told single ticket issue traveling RSA is over $10.000.00 per person, that is out of the question! I do not want to travel through Frankfurt as they (Frankfurt) seem to require pre approval traveling with a firearm.

    Lon Denney
    1. Travel Express
      Travel Express
      Hi Lon, I also got your email, I'll reply to that..........
      Jan 23, 2020 at 10:30 AM
  13. tyson426
    tyson426 Bob Nelson 35Whelan
    Hello, thank you for the reply. Would you be able to send any photos, lodge, etc. That is most important for my wife.
    1. Bob Nelson 35Whelan
      Bob Nelson 35Whelan
      I will see if my wife can do it this weekend for you mate. The first place we were at We had a family room for myself, wife and son. He could have had his own room tho. The second place we had a
      double bed in our room and the son had his own room. The lodging is excellent and the food brilliant. Monica is a great cook. How old are your kids mate.
      Jan 22, 2020 at 6:51 PM
    2. Bob Nelson 35Whelan
      Bob Nelson 35Whelan
      Could you send me your phone number and country code and I will call you. We are limited to 420 characters for a reply. It would be easier talking to you. My wife will also try to email you
      Cheers mate
      Bob Nelson
      Jan 22, 2020 at 6:54 PM
    3. tyson426
      I'm in USA, not sure the country code. My phone is 9704021271. If you wanted to, we could be friends on Facebook, and then call through the Facebook messenger. My email is
      Jan 26, 2020 at 1:05 PM
  14. Cody hunt4life
    Cody hunt4life
    Looking forward to my first South Africa Safari Hunt in June 2020!!
  15. Treemantwo
    Treemantwo Head Trauma
    Hi Russ. Is this gun still available ? Thanks !
  16. Trump2020
    Trump2020 Innominate
    Interested in the 8 mm mag you have I’m in the Waco tx area need a number or something so we can communicate.
  17. ActionBob
    Thanks Wes, we had a great time and really enjoyed your hospitality!
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  18. Buff-Buster
    Buff-Buster ActionBob
    Hey Bob! Just wanted to let you know that we really appreciated your coming by Saturday! I really enjoyed visiting! We'll see you this weekend!
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  19. Buff-Buster
    Buff-Buster Royal27
    Hey Royal! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you coming down Saturday! We really had a great time!
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  20. Jeff Schaeffer
    Jeff Schaeffer Jager Waffen74
    This is about the Zeiss :)
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