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  1. Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris
    Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris
    Namibia still your first choice in Africa!
  2. hunterlawyer
    hunterlawyer Moretla Safaris
    Hello, I like your Kudu package seen on AfricaHunting. I have never hunted in Africa. My father did. While he shot many game animals, he regretted never taking a kudu.
    Is your hunting fair chase? And can I use a my father's 6.5x54 to hunt plains game in your area?

    I'd plan to also bring my non-hunting (but very supportive) wife. We are in good shape, and happy to hike around as needed.

    Best Regards,

    Bill Smith
  3. Omithunt
    Omithunt Heinie777
    Hallo Heinie777 Could you contact me please?
  4. Foxi
    Foxi Hoss Delgado
    Thank you.Every (hunting-)child knows Brennecke in Germany.Fantastic Home page.Never been on it.
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  5. Foxi
    Foxi Hoss Delgado
    Hoss,could you send me the link please.
    Regards Foxi
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    2. Hoss Delgado
      Hoss Delgado
      Sure. Hold on , man
      Sep 10, 2019
    3. Hoss Delgado
  6. R W Mack
    R W Mack
    Life member SCI - Life/ Endowment Member NRA
  7. Rare Breed
    Rare Breed No Promises
    Got it. As soon as my gun is ready for you I will contact you. Thanks
  8. GKNOX
    GKNOX KMG Hunting Safaris
    Hey Marius
    What are the logistics of getting to Victoria Falls and possibly Kruger on the way by. Would like to spend a day or 2 around Kruger and see some of the big 5. Hearing lions at night or morning is also a great experience I would love to share.
    Message is too kind so sent you an email via your website.
    1. KMG Hunting Safaris
      KMG Hunting Safaris
      Good day sir, thank you for the message. I sent you a Private Message this morning, but was only notified about this message a minute ago. For Victoria Falls, you will require flights out of Johannesburg. For Kruger National Park, you can either drive up, roughly a 6hr drive, or fly to a nearby town called Hoedspruit or Phalaborwa. We can organize all of this for you.
      Take Care,
      Sep 5, 2019
  9. Ruan Bouwer
    Ruan Bouwer
    Child of Africa
  10. Omithunt
    Omithunt Heinie777
    Where are you situated? South Africa?
  11. Lenny13
    Lenny13 AM2018

    I was trying to find previous hunt reports on Zambia and came across your post from a year ago. Did you ever end up going and if so, what outfitter did you end up going with?

    We have a group of 3-5 guys looking at going to Zambia for buff and plainsgame. Any insight that you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  12. Oldschool280
    Oldschool280 swoobie
    Weighed in at 63/4 pounds without glass,
  13. Omithunt
    Omithunt Heinie777
    Is the Zeiss Diarange still available?
  14. Neil Barnard
    Neil Barnard
    NB Safaris Outfitter
  15. Ferdinand
    Ferdinand Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris
    Hey, regarding your buffalo cull hunt. Can you pm me
  16. Lalamanzi Safaris
    Lalamanzi Safaris Jesus F. Elizondo
    Good day sir.
    I've sent you all our details via email. Please let me know if you are interested in doing a hunt with us. Our packages are very competitive so is our service.
  17. swantrip
    Always gettin' there.
  18. Idaholandho
    2 weeks from Africa
  19. Leon Schoots
    Leon Schoots Divernhunter
    Hey mate. I read a reply on the Barnes TTSX for the 30-06. I have been loading 165grain with 4350 and have been getting varying degrees of success. I have only been seating them .050 off which I need to play with from further ready. I did also read on Barnes's website that the recommend the 168's for 30-06 as the bullet taper is better suited, any experience with this?
  20. Lyleedward
    I Bought a Krieghoff 470 Love it. My wife noticed the silver triggers on Krieghoff, my Merkel 500 has black. Almost got shot with my own gun
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