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  1. Cam Moon
    Cam Moon One Day...
    Hi! I hunted Huntershill as well and I had an amazing experience! Could I ask what you decided to do as far as taxidermy?
    1. One Day...
      One Day...
      Hello. I selected to only get European skull mounts (I would rather spend the money going back than doing shoulder mounts ;-) and I used Umlindi Taxidermy based on Huntershill's Head PH, Jason Olivier's recommendation. I have not seen anything yet.
      Nov 13, 2018 at 3:05 AM
  2. Cam Moon
    Cam Moon larrich
    Hi. I hunted Huntershill as well and had an amazing experience! Could I ask what you decided to do as far as taxidermy? Thanks
  3. Cam Moon
    Cam Moon Bobpuckett
    Bob, I was wondering how happy you are with Unlindi? Any and all feedback would be very much appreciated. I just hunted with Huntershill for my first trip to Africa. But not my last! Awesome!!!
  4. Cam Moon
    Cam Moon no1waterdog
    I'm wondering when you went to Huntershill did you get your trophies mounted in SA or dip and pack and sent home?
  5. Willem Smith
  6. Jeremiah Stephen Pupe
  7. Mark R
    Mark R JKO Hunting Safaris
    Hi Jacques, did you get my private message?
    1. JKO Hunting Safaris
      JKO Hunting Safaris
      Yes sir thank you I will reply to it now.
      Nov 9, 2018 at 5:35 AM
  8. Amber.barrett021012
    Amber.barrett021012 Dave Zimmerman
    Hey Dave, I won a hunting trip at a fundraiser for numzaan safaris and I'm just starting to plan our trip. Is there any chance you would be willing to share the approximate fees for the things not included in your trip (dip n pack, mounting, trophy transport back to us?) We are just trying to get a ball park idea and I would sure appreciate it.
  9. Gerry Addison
    Gerry Addison Hank2211
    Hank, I would love to talk with you about your trip to the conservancy. Always wanted to go there. Gerry Addison,
  10. Mark R
    Mark R JKO Hunting Safaris
    Hi Guys, guess after seeing your Burkina Faso pics, you better send me some details of the hunt please?
    1. JKO Hunting Safaris likes this.
    2. JKO Hunting Safaris
      JKO Hunting Safaris
      Thank you Mark for your post. Please PM me your email address and I can get information through to you sir.

      Best regards,

      Nov 7, 2018 at 4:47 AM
    3. Mark R
      Mark R
      Nov 8, 2018 at 1:28 AM
  11. AZDAVE
    Saving for a Leopard hunt.
  12. flatwater bill
    flatwater bill Romania Hunting Outfitters
    I want to come to Romania. Hunting makes it even better. I have only one other hunt left in me.................but that date I must check on.........................It is chiseled in is written..................A mule deer hunt in the Pansaguant.......but I can be there sometime in the October window...............................FWB
  13. Marcus bock
    Marcus bock
    Is there a way I can post something on working with wildlife veterinarians or on game reserves in SA/Botswana/Namibia? My wife and I spend 2 months each year doing this and absolutely love it. We work mostly with animals and people that are connected to hunting. I also hunt. I do not make money on this...just think it is something many people may enjoy doing as well as hunting while in Africa.
      Feel free to do so. Jerome
      Nov 1, 2018
    2. Marcus bock
      Marcus bock
      How and where do I do so? thx
      Nov 1, 2018
      Nov 2, 2018
  14. Marcus bock
    Marcus bock
    how do I find reviews on each outfitter for hunting? Thx. Marc
      Nov 1, 2018
  15. Trakehner
    Trakehner Papabear55
    Howdy, I have 100 Barnes Solids in .509 (I forget what weight they are...but nothing in that caliber is light). I resize these for my 505 Gibbs, which actually is a .505. They're in 50 I'd sell 50 or 100 to you for 75 cents/each. Postage would be $8 or so.
  16. Harrison Myers
    Harrison Myers cpr0312
    Is this the appropriate place to message? Still new to the site
  17. MAEDA Godlisten Elias
    MAEDA Godlisten Elias
    BSc. Wildlife Management 2018, passionate in Wildlife Sciences and Tourism. Most passionate in Hunting, help me build my career. Thanks!
  18. AKSloper71
    Chasing another African Dream...
  19. Ernest Moyo
    Ernest Moyo
    Hi Everyone. I'm Ernest Moyo from Zimbabwe
  20. Christiaan Pelser
    Christiaan Pelser Carole
    Hallo Carole, Did you manage to sell your elephant tusks?
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