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Any Experience with the .338 Lapua

This is a discussion on Any Experience with the .338 Lapua within the Up To .375 forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Back in the days before electricity I was a soldier, and the .338 Lapua was making a name for itself ...

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    Default Any Experience with the .338 Lapua

    Back in the days before electricity I was a soldier, and the .338 Lapua was making a name for itself as a fantastic precision long range round.

    I've owned a couple of heavy rifles (precision rifles not heavy hunting rifles) in the .338 Lapua caliber and am amazed at the ballistics and down range effects. Has anyone picked up on this caliber for a great plains game and/or general purpose African rifle? I know that it wont make the .375 dangerous game cut off but the ballistics of this round rival the 375 HH in most cases. Just curious if anyone has used one or guided a hunter who did. What was the effect on those tough African beasties?

    WH Macs
    Macs Burke

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    Talking Truvelo 338 Lapua

    Hunting greetings.

    I am a 'green' subscriber here - please accept my apologies if i do not post this in a normal (?) manner. Will get better.
    I am in the infant stages now of trying to get one of these missile launchers on my name.
    I have found out from Truvelo in RSA that the Truvelo 338 800 Lapua SR may be sold to the gen public.
    I also have found a dealer in Windhoek (NA) that will assist me with the importation of this 'canon' into Namibia.

    If anyone of you can assist me with information, where i can find a picture where the 338 and other cartridges (270/30-06/375, etc.) are on the same picture and actually compared to each other in size, i will be ever so grateful.

    Kind Regards


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