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    Default 7 X 57

    What is the best bullet 140 gr or the 175? I reload so I have my choice of propelants and bullets. This rifle is a new rem 700 and will be used on plains game in Aug 2011.

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    The 7x57 gained its great reputation using the heavier bullet but todays bullets are much better so just about anything works if using premium bullets. Depends on how big your quarry too. Anything kudu size and under will fall to good bullets from the 7x57. Many will feel its not enough power for the larger species of PG but others have used it successfully on all PG. IMR 4831 and R19 are two of my favorites for this round using 140 gr Nosler Partitions. If I was taking one to Africa I think I would settle on a load using the Nosler 160 Partition or Barnes Triple Shock at around 2600 fps. I love the round but it would not be my first choice for Africa.

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    My custom 7x57 has a Lothar walther barrel with what i call a 'euro' spec throat. ie long. Twist is 1 in 8.7".

    My good mate and gunsmith Tony SMALL has built two 7x57's for his own use and has a reamer from the USA. It has a shorter throat and will not chamber long cast projectiles like mine can.

    I can get hunting accuracy with 140 Sierra SptBt's but only with max loads in new Norma brass. I have taken a mature Red Stag with this load.

    However my rifle loves the heavy projectiles. Anything 175grain it shoots very well. I have so far fired Hornady 175 RNSP's, a custom 175 SMP design and Woodleigh 175 PPSN's through it with a high level of repeatable accuracy. Because the 7x57 is such a mild/low recoiling rifle due to mild/low muzzle velocities, when using heavy projectiles keep in your mind the impact velocity will be substancially lower and expansion not as aggressive as ranges increase.

    This camel was one of several taken recently with the 175 Woodleigh. Recommended impact velocity meant ranges had to be under 250 yards for this projectile to open.

    I had this rifle built to take back to Africa in 2014 specifically for Kudu and had hoped to use a 154 grain Spt projectile. The 7mm 154 has the same SD as a .30 cal 180 only in a lighter recoiling rifle. Unfortunately initial reloading has not produced good results with this weight projectile.

    I believe the 140's make a great projectile for animals under 100kg liveweight. For plains game up close I will be more than happy with the 175's after seeing it perform on camels. A sleek 154/160 would flatten the trajectory some what and extend the max impact range.
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    Hi Bartfrncs

    First and foremost it depends on were you will be hunting, open plains or thick bushveld.

    I have a 7x57 that I use on everything it works great on all plains game in the bushveld.

    I shoot a 175gr since most of the shots are 120 yards and under.

    I hope this helps?

    Best Regards
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    I have a 1895 Chileno Mauser that was customized for my dad many years ago, that still wears the original military barrel and trigger group but a jeweled bolt and a custom stock. With handloads using 154grn Hordady spitzers and IMR 4064 it is capable of sub-MOA groups at 100 yrds. This is the rifle that I use to judge every other rifle that I handle. In my opinion the Mauser rifles, whether it is a model 1895, 1898, or one of the various Swedish Mausers, are the smoothest, most well built rfiles that can be found. I apologize for the dust on the rifle, its been in the rack for a while.
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    Being kind of old and traditional, I'm another one who favors heavy bullets in the 7x57. I've never shot a head of game in Africa over 125 yards so I really don't see the need for a flat shooting, high speed load. However, Nosler Partitions are my standard. Any rifle that I have in a caliber they load for, I use them to the exclusion of all others. And I once owned a 7x57 that spit out 140 gr. NPT's like a stretched string. I especially remember the pig that I shot across a pasture. It was running up hill and I squeezed the shot off as it paused. It dropped like a box of rocks and slid back down the hill. Great load, though I would be reluctant to use it on anything the size of a kudu and eland are simply out of the question.
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    Altghough the thread is old, my enthusiasm for the 7x57 stays fresh! I shot from the smallest to Eland with mine Musgrave 7x57. On Eland it's not realy recommended but I used 130gr GS Custom bullets at 2836 fps. I waited for the bull to open his heart on the left as he walked grazing, he did and I shot him through the heart at 208 m or some 220 yards. I shot many bluewildebeest (tougher than big kudu bulls),many big kudu bulls and gemsbuck with the same bullets. The facts are: Accuracy, quality bullets, shot placement and patience. seethe my photos on my album. Almost all of those animals were shot with my 7x57 with 130gr GS Custom bullets and some with factory PMP Pro-Amm ammo loaded with 150g bullets. My rifle does not like the 170gr bullets and won't group with it, but with the 150gr PMP and 130gr GSC I achieved 6.25mm or sub 1/4 inch groups at 100m.

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