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9.3x62 Mauser

This is a discussion on 9.3x62 Mauser within the Up To .375 forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Is the 9.3 considered DG material in Africa? I know its seen some use in past times. With the Barnes ...

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    Default 9.3x62 Mauser

    Is the 9.3 considered DG material in Africa? I know its seen some use in past times. With the Barnes 300grain Solid, whats the largest game you could take with it decisively?

    Will it penetrate the frontal brain area of an elephant?
    Will it stop a charging cape buffalo?

    Id like to hear opinions,as i noticed this forum started at ".375 and up"

    thanks for looking and taking the time!

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    Kevin Robertson rated it as one of his favorite calibers, especially for visiting hunters who had trouble with the recoil of larger calibers.
    My son shot a Buff right through the shoulder, with a 285gr. Swift A Frame, the buff went about 20 yards and he put it down for good with a finishing shot where the spine joins the pelvis. It was just standing there weaving back and forth, probably just seconds away from going down for good before the second shot.

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    Most of us are fans of this round. I used one in Namibia in '07 but only on plains game, but it knocks tough animals down with authority. Will it do the things you ask about? Yes and no, same as all the other rounds out there. As the saying goes, "it all depends", on the specific situation.

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    Yes,it can be used,with very good shot placement.No it is not a calibre to use on wounded dangerous game.Personally I rate it as a very good wildebeest and eland calibre,but I am not comfortable with it on dangerous game.In lots of places it is not legal to be used on the dangerous thick skinned game.
    Pieter Erasmus
    Paw Print Safaris - South Africa

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    I have used the 9.3x62 on a large number of large soft skinned game with conventional SP's and a few African Plains game with Premiums. It has good penetration with premium spitzers of 286 grain +, however I have found that at IMPACT VELOCITIES premium RNSP's don't quite penetrate as well.

    I have observed 320 spitzers tumble upon impact with flesh at 100 yards + indicating a lack of impact velocity to initiate expansion. They will penetrate extremely well.

    If you are a good shot you could load solids for a CNS shot, or be prepared to pump more a than one SP into an animal and you will get your kill.

    I have not shot DG.
    Time spent in Reconnaisance is never wasted.

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    One of my favourite rounds and have seen it in use on Buffalo, lion and Hippo.
    I've always used 300grn SWIFT A FRAMES and 286grn WOODLEIGH FMJs for Buffalo with good results.
    For lighter built game the 286grn WOODLEIGH soft's have worked flawlessly for me.
    Not an ideal calibre for "follow up" though (prefer more impact surface area for that).
    Would love to shoot an Elephant with this round but as I have a lovely little double in 375F (similar sound) I doubt I will get the chance.

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    1. Is the 9.3 considered DG material in Africa?

    In the right hands, in can be. However, I know fine PH's that will allow clients to use it on the big cats only. A highly experienced client may be allowed to use it on buffalo or elephant.

    2. Will it penetrate the frontal brain area of an elephant?

    With a premium solid, yes it will. Again, not a shot to make without experienced back-up.

    3. Will it stop a charging cape buffalo?

    Not unless the shot was extremely lucky. I, personally, wouldn't even like to try. I would rather be on my boat, on a quiet another country.

    Have a look at this thread as well : 9.3X62 for Cape Buffalo?

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