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Collier Custom Rifles Rem 700 .280 Ackley Improved 40 Going To Zim

This is a discussion on Collier Custom Rifles Rem 700 .280 Ackley Improved 40 Going To Zim within the Up To .375 forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; My latest rifle rebuild, this Model 700, be accompanying me and the .375 to Zimbabwe in September. I had Joe ...

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    Default Collier Custom Rifles Rem 700 .280 Ackley Improved 40 Going To Zim

    My latest rifle rebuild, this Model 700, be accompanying me and the .375 to Zimbabwe in September.

    I had Joe Collier rebarrel a garden variety but very accurate 1980's vintage .270 700 BDL with a Bartlein 5r cut rifled barrel, he fluted the bolt as a bonus because I happened to mention that I liked how those spiral flutes really slicked up the feeding over the factory cylinders.

    Being in the gunstocks business, I put what I consider to be one of the best rifle stocks we carry, the new Manners Elite Hunter 24 oz. carbon fiber hand layup stocks on it. What do you guys think of it?

    You'll notice in my photos I'm a big McMillan fan. But I got to tell you this one is going to give them a run for the money in the sporter category as their tactical stocks have been doing for a while now.

    Although the primary quarry this trip will be cape buffalo, hopefully a 12-14+ ft. crocodile, and possibly a hippo, this will be the light gun for a nyala, waterbuck, warthog and more than a few baboons. Probably use it on the croc and hopefully even a Livingston eland as well.

    May I ask what the hell one is supposed to do with a dead hippo? I mean I'd like the photo op as much as the next guy, but its a bit large to mount.

    After 12 days in Zim, we're heading down to the Northwest Province, S.A. For a week to chase the kudu about on this one big farm that's crawling with them. I hunted it literally one day last May and saw half-dozen bulls in the high 40s and low 50s, one of which I shot, so I'm planning to stick it out and ambush one in the 60" class if it takes me all week to do it. More than likely some unlucky hogs or perhaps even a nyala or waterbuck will help fill those days, too.

    This weekend I started working some loads up with the 168 Barnes LRX, looks like about 2900 fps or a bit more is doable with them. Joe shot it with 168 Bergers before he shipped it and included a half-inch group in the box.
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    "It's all fun 'n games 'till somebody shoots a bull"

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    I'm sure it will be a phenomenal shooter!

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    sweet rifle, looks like a great combo for your hunt.

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    Joe sure builds beautiful and sweet shooting rifles!

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    Thats a Nice Rifle,,,As far as the Hippo,,if you have a Neighbor you don,t like,,Dump it on his Front Porch while he,s at work

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    Gorgeous rifle, let us know how it went.

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