Trophy Barren Ground Caribou hunt on the Leaf River

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    This is a fully guided all inclusive 2x1 trophy caribou hunt on the Leaf River northern Quebec. Accommodations are a modern lodge with generator electricity. We have had several top ten caribou taken on these hunts by our clients over the past few years. This includes a new top five Pope and Young and well as two top ten Boone and Crockett. This hunt allows for taking two caribou per person.
    Normally $6895.00 discounted 10 percent Now $6200.00

    All inclusive from Montreal Canada with exception of
    caribou tag which is $334.00. This tag covers two caribou
    Sept 17 to 23, 2010 (2 openings)
    Sept 23 to 29, 2010 (2 openings)

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