South Africa Plains game, Packaged Hunt Vs. A La Carte??

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    Jaco, has some very good points here that will impact your experience immensely.

    Lots of driving between concessions is time you are not hunting. Manage your time well.

    My personal peeve. Providing the aggregate concession area is a favourite obfuscation.
    "Concession" became a dirty word for me.
    I can contract 200 properties of 100 acres each or 1 of 20,000 acres. The area is the same. The hunting will be different.
    There are other issues about property type, terrain, etc.

    I hunted a small "open" (very few trees) concession and the game just started running at the sight of the Baakie and then just kept running. The animals had to be herded/driven to get anyone a shot.
    Size and terrain matters!

    Are you there alone? If they pack a hoard onto a large property or small one it will change your experience.
    It takes very talented PH's to ensure that you do not interfere if this is happening.

    How many people a year and what they have hunted on the property makes a huge difference.
    This really impacted me at Leeukop this past year.
    Warthogs had been hunted very hard just before we arrived for our hunt.
    (Not the experience I had on my first trip to the property)
    Timing is everything.
    The property next door is booked BACK to BACK for the entire season. NOT where I would want to hunt.
    Anyone ever ask that question?

    I'll give you the high five. Honest assessment really.
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    Brickburn you honestly go the extra yard in every post !!! What more can anyone ask for ! Again as I said in an earlier post there is room for every outfitter on here . We just offer different experiences and that is where the client have to make his pick !

    It is a total experience ! You can have a successful hunt without killing something ! Obviously my bank manager wont agree on this !!!! :punch:
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    Just dont get caught up thinking a 5000 acre place is not that big.When you see some of the terrian and bush there 5000 acres becomes real big and totally a fair chase hunt.With that being said 5000 acres in the limpo is not the same as 5000 in the cape or karoo area.The places I have hunted the animals grew up on the land not just stocked like some and were as wild as could be.They knew how to get away and were to hide.Having 3 or 4 places of 5000 or so acres within a thirty minute drive will not ruin any hunt and not cut into your time hunting.Is it nice to hunt one big area yes it is but is the hunting that much better I dont think enough to make the difference to must.Just ask all the question you can think of when picking a place and there is no question to dumb to ask.
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    I'm headed to SA with 3 friends in 86 days... I'm doing a Buff hunt with White Lion and can't wait. There's a few other animals I'm going to take (maybe more if opportunity arises lol). It's a package and I'm thinking I'll have a few add ons...

    I'm headed to Namibia next April with my daughter in tow and it'll be strictly on a per animal basis (discounted as we shoot more).

    I'll base my decision on these 2 hunts, experience and value, for a hunt with my father and another with my son in the upcoming years!

    The packages are tough to beat, and if they're what they seem it'll be a given that is what my following 2 safaris will be encompassed around.
    I like the idea of a package, for the value, and then add animals of opportunity to it!

    I'm hopeful that we hit it off well with one of the outfitters over the next year and then just continue with them. I'm a creature of habit and if comfortable somewhere I like to go back to what I know!
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    Welcome to AH Big Country,,,Lots of help here as you can see,,I'm off in 2 Months to hunt in SA ,,I picked a small Venue, One on One PH in Limpopo provience,,who tailored my hunt just to suit Me,,I agree with your choice of a just got to have it 375 cal
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    I particularly like the idea of package hunts for first or second time hunter. I've done two package hunts, but in different locations. Once in KZN and once in the Eastern Cape. Completely different areas to hunt and completely different animals to hunt.

    Having said that, I'm going back to the EC in June and will be hunting a la carte hunting several odds and ends species like Vaal Rhebok, blue duiker and oribi, animals you won't find on typical packages offered. Yet, I know at the end of the safari, my PH will work some deals with me because this is my second trip with him.

    Another thought regarding choosing a particular outfitter to me is the size of the operation. I personally enjoy the smaller "mom and pop" places versus the bigger operations you see on TV shows. Too me, things seem more personal. My first trip to KZN was in a tented camp where you had to light a fire under a drum of water to pressurize the line to the shower. I'll never forget taking a shower every night while the hyenas visited to each other, looking up at the Southern Cross, and enjoying the little frog that graced the kerosine lit, thatched shower.

    It's little things like that, that make a safari special and you typically won't find those in the larger operations.

    Good luck with your choices!

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