South Africa Hunt 2009 Season Specials

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    South Africa Hunt 2009 Season Specials

    KTS Hunt Special

    This hunt is available for the remainder of 2009 only.

    1PH x 1 Client @USD $200.00 per day x 7 days = USD $1400.00
    Observers @USD $120.00 per day x 7 days = USD $ 840.00
    Airport Collection & Return USD $ 200.00 (vehicle not per person)

    Trophy Fees in USD $

    Cape Kudu $900.00, Black Wildebeest $800.00, Red Hartebeest $800.00, Blesbok $300.00, Impala $300.00, Springbok $200.00, Steenbok $200.00, Warthog $200.00.

    Accommodations: Upmarket
    No Hidden Costs
    Excellent Trophy Quality
    Additional animals available at listed trophy fees. View our normal safari structure and costs on our website.
    Contact us for further information.

    #We are also able to offer incredible Bird Shooting#

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