Save Lions with Living Walls

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    Save Lions with Living Walls

    The African PHA Foundation is supporting efforts to help save the African lion. Lions are losing significant ground due to habitat loss and to conflicts with local peoples.

    The African People & Wildlife Fund has developed a solution that works, and that solution is very cost effective. Your donation can go a long way in helping to reduce the needless daily conflicts that result in lions being killed.

    Please read the brief APW Paper that describes how the unique enclosures can eliminate lion attacks on livestock.

    The cost to enclose a family's livestock corral with a Living Wall is a modest $500.00. With your help we can spread this lion saver to thousands of livestock owners across Africa.

    Please join us by going to our DONATE page and making a tax deductible contribution to build a Living Wall that will help to save the African lion. You will receive a letter confirming your valued contribution.

    Living Walls is a proven method to reduce unnecessary lion kills, and one that will bring immediate results to save the declining lion population.

    Thank you for your support,

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