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Discussion in 'Hunting Africa' started by Dox, Sep 1, 2009.

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    What is the average price of:

    Eland Bull
    Waterbuck Bull
    Kudu Bull
    Blue Wildebeest
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    ..Depends on where you go I'll give you prices I last saw in the Limpopo area:
    Eland - $2,200
    Waterbuck - $1,500
    Kudu- $1,500
    Zebra- $1,100
    Bushbuck- $ 950
    Impala- $ 300
    Blue Wildebeest - $1,100
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    Dox...............there are dozens of safari operators on this site. Cruise their websites and you will get a feel for plains game trophy fees. :)
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    Your question is loaded to the gills and herein is the reason why...

    Some operators have cheap trophy fees, and they balance that out with high daily rates, others have cheap daily rates and high trophy fees, and this is but one of the marketing ploys..There are others..Also keep in mind that it takes X dollars to put on a safari, so price isn't all you should take into consideration within reason..Like most things you get about what you pay for.

    My suggestion is that you talk to a number of booking agents or Safari Companies, and see what they offer you, then put a pencil to it and be sure they include all of those little hidden charges that are designed to surprise you to no end! :)

    Being a booking agent or hunting consultant, I have already done all the background work for you on costs, quality of the Safari Company and I take my commission from the Safari Company at the same cost they charge everyone, I do not add it on to their regular cost..That is what we do, some folks go through us and others believe they can get a better deal going straight to the safari companies. I don't believe an individual can compete with me on good deals, but hey its a free country and to each his own.

    Eland for instance can run from $1200 to as much as $2500 depending on where you hunt and what the Company has to offer and the the number of Eland they have on hand, much the same with any of the animals.

    shop around is your best bet. Just some advise for what its worth and nothing is written in stone.
  5. Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris

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    As mentioned it depends much on the country and area that will be hunted. Usually a hunting outfitter that offers many species on a larger hunting territory often has a bit of a premium on their trophy fees... availability is also a factor. Something else to consider is that the outfitter may require a minimum number of days for a general plains game hunt or for a certain species in particular...

    It's very difficult to say what an average price is as there are so many variables involved in why an animal is priced the way it is, so instead I will give you an indication of price range... Keep in mind that an outfitter may be at the low end of the price range for one species and at the top of the price range for another.

    South Africa
    Eland 1,600 to 2,500
    Waterbuck 1,000 to 2,500
    Kudu 700 to 1,500
    Zebra (Burchell's Zebra) 800 to 1,400
    Bushbuck 500 to 1,000
    Impala 200 to 400
    Blue Wildebeest 600 to 1,200

    Eland 1,000 to 2,000
    Waterbuck 1,400 to 2,500
    Kudu 750 to 1,500
    Zebra (Burchell's Zebra) 700 to 1,100
    Bushbuck Chobe 500 to 1,000
    Impala 400 to 600
    Blue Wildebeest 800 to 1,200

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