MOZAMBIQUE: Disappointing Hunt in Mozambique... booked with Hunt It All

Discussion in 'Hunting Reports' started by Sergey, Mar 31, 2011.


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    I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. I won't hunt Africa without going through a U.S. Booking Agent. But with this qualifier....they have to be people I know personally or very highly recommended in the hunting industry....and have been in the business many years. I want that agent to be familiar with as many of the possible scams that can go on. And I feel its very foolish for African Outfitters to promote their business here in the States using someone that has just happened to hunt a few times in Africa and now feels that that somehow qualifies them to become a Hunting Agent. I know that makes it tough for new, up-and-coming Outfitters because good Agents will stay with the Outfits they have worked with for many years and can trust. I personally pay for peace of mind.

    I appreciate posts like this one. Word of mouth advertising is still THE most powerful form of advertising out there. the cons to ALL the appropriate hunting organizations possible....especially where they may try to promote their businesses. (i.e. PHASA; DSC; SCI; NRA, etc.)

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