LAC SUZIE OUTFITTERS-(negative report) Oct 2012 Quebec Moose season

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    Dear Fellow Hunters....

    I am providing a hunting report/assessment of the outfitter in Quebec, Canada know as

    I was NOT impressed by any part of this camp during a rifle moose hunt October 2012. This was one week
    after the archery season and needless to say there were not any bull moose to be seen. Only one cow
    was sighted, however it was not cow season.

    To begin,

    There was very little evidence of ANY scouting PRIOR to the arrival of hunters in order to determine
    where moose were traveling, bedding or foraging in the area. For the week I was there we hunted no
    less than 3-5 miles per day and only 1 group (of two hunters) saw a single bull, which was
    an immature bull at less than two years old. When the professional guide (PH) (who
    had a hearing problem) was asked when he last saw moose in the area we were currently
    stalking, he stated that a "monster moose that a woman did not shoot the year before"...or a "French archer heard
    one last week but he went home empty handed." This is NOT my idea of recent scouting of an area
    prior to your hunter's arrival.

    Out of over eight (8) hunters at my camp, who were situated into roughly four groups based on the
    various Plans that a hunter can purchase, only one hunter saw a moose and subsequently shot
    it during the time I was on site from Fri to Fri. Note that everyone appeared to be experienced hunters
    and had been to Quebec on subsequent occasions for other quarry. This was my third trip to
    Quebec and first time for a moose hunt. I have been hunting for thirty years and had never seen it this

    The housing accommodations for the American Plan (one hunter per PH) were below average when
    considering that the the generator controlling the water pump's electricity in the whole camp was turned off
    11 PM every much for having to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.
    Note, that if several hunters shared a cabin, this could have been a smelly problem! Needless to say
    I was to bring my wife initially but her doctor advised against it...thank God!!! If she had come along
    this would have been a MAJOR problem! Note that there was a larger generator available that
    could have been operated continuously (as is normally done in hunting lodges that I have visited
    in Quebec or Ontario). I was told by another hunter that costs were the issue. In addition,
    there was no heat other than that from a wood burning stove in each cabin. Talk about chilly wife would have been doubly upset by now. After hunters leave, the generators
    are shut down again until later in the afternoon. Talk about cheap! What if I stayed in one morning
    or shot my moose on the first day...which sometimes happens.

    When asked for total expenses it was never mentioned until a week prior to the hunt when I
    asked for a recap of total expenses) that the hunting license (about $360) was not included. I finally
    saw this on the website but it was not in the contract.

    In a tough economy which almost everyone is feeling these days, this was an unexpected expense when
    considering that US Airways is now charging $125 for a third bag and $200 for the fourth. I guess we are to
    eat the meat before coming back to the States!!!?? Well.. I didn't see anything shootable (outside of the cow
    moose) so those potential shipping charges did not apply, but $360 is tip money! I did tip the PH
    whether he earned it or not....I realized this was his livelihood and that he does not own the property. The
    owner should have made alternate accommodations if no moose were seen recently on the property.

    Dealing with a French speaking office is cumbersome AT BEST unless you can understand French. LAC SUZIE
    OUTFITTERS markets in the US but has no ENGLISH answering service unless you call a staff
    member in NY who cannot make management-level decisions. They have never returned a phone
    from the answering machines (I verified the phone numbers with the NY staff member) so I
    resorted to using the NY staff member as the go-between to get info relayed and answered. I
    should have realized something was wrong by this point as the owner, Serge Derpa, dragged his feet
    on several occasions (for more than a few weeks on two occasions) to answer important issues.

    On a final note, I WOULD NOT recommend LAC SUZIE OUTFITTERS unless some serious management and operations
    issues were handled first and verified in writing. I would also ask for some rebate agreement in writing if the PH was
    not able to show ANY shootable animals. Of course, some responsibility lies with the hunter such as the
    ability to hunt quietly for several miles, have scent in check, be able to shoot, etc...the normal stuff. The
    fact that we were able to get to withing twenty (20) yards of a cow shows that the HUNTER was doing things
    correctly....there just weren't any bulls on this land. Expenses of four thousand dollars plus air fare and
    baggage expenses for a nature hike is just NOT my cup of tea! This is not the most expensive hunt I have been
    on, having hunted on several international hunts prior, but I can think of better charities to give my money to
    right here in the United States rather than giving it to LAC SUZIE OUTFITTERS.


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