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    Giraffe hunt in Tanzania
    by Salahuddin Ahmad

    Greetings from Arusha, Tanzania.

    I feel great to share story of another successful hunt by using Norma Oryx 300 grain expanding bullet.

    During the last week before closing of hunting season here in Tanzania, I shot a mature giraffe bull using my trusted and versatile 375 H&H magnum rifle and Norma 300 grain oryx expanding bullet.

    It was late evening when we spotted a large lone giraffe at a distance of about 200 meters. We quietly tried to get closer and stopped when it became suspicious and started walking away. I waited until it stopped and looked curiously at us for a few seconds. At that moment, it was standing broadside with the head facing at us. The distance was about 100 meters. It was perfect moment for me to take my first chance on a giraffe.I aimed at the joint of shoulder and neck so that it may not run after the hit as giraffe are one among the very tough animals and can run long distance with improperly placed shot with even heavier caliber. I could hear echo of the impact sound when bullet hit its massive and tough upper body and it fell down like a tree log. We ran towards the bush and found it had fallen down but attempting to lift its neck. The bullet had shattered its shoulder and neck joint.I put finishing shot in the head to relieve it.

    I was keen to know the performance of Norma Oryx 300g expanding bullet on this massive animal. So we started skinning the giraffe body. Norma bullet was found just below the skin of other side shoulder with 100% weight retention and proper mushrooming. It had created huge wound channel, shattered neck and shoulder area bones and got stuck under the skin on the other side shoulder. The bullet traveled well through a meter of tough skin, flesh and, bones before resting under other side of the skin.

    Again, your Norma Oryx 300 grain expanding bullet lived up-to its expectation on very tough animal and it has further endorsed my decision not to use any other brand for my hunting expeditions.

    Proper shot placement and right choice of premium bullets for the type of animal are only two important matters for a perfect hunting.
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    Hear hear, my PH had no experience at all with this magnificent animal and I did no research at all.

    Was told give it a solid behind the shoulder. When the giraffe did not even run off, "we " decided that it was over and should wait it out rather than get the adrenalin up. Soon we missed the window and ended up on a two hour hike with no blood spoor, which I can now see why.
    When we came across them again I allowed the PH to shoot because I was not certain that it was the correct animal since there was no visible wound. After his second shot and the possibility of a further trek, I decided to back him up with one more shot as the animal quartered away. This entered behind the shoulder and exited the front of the chest almost exactly on the indicated spot for a frontal shot. The PH missed completely by the way!

    Crashing trees and a ground shaking thud end the story.

    Know your animal!
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    This poor species is also known to be hit by lightning more often than any other ( no not the lightning from a rifle;)) I have seen and picked up a few after heavy lightning storms in the Eastern Cape, bulls being taller are more prone to being hit. Very little sign to indicate a strike,sometimes only a small mark on one of the hooves and a the smell of burnt flesh and hair, but only on the exit of the strike.


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    Glad you got it done.
    Goes to show that studying those shot placement pictures is so important.
    I can not believe the PH did not know where to shoot the Giraffe properly! o_O

    If I had not studied those pictures I would have done the same thing you did.
    That heart shot is in such a bizarre place for a guy that hunts deer.
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    I just shot a nice bull with my .300WSM. A high neck shot and he went down like an imploded building. A more difficult hunt than you'd think in the desert scrub of Namibia. My shot was off sticks at about 175 yards - about as close as we were able to get after getting busted
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