Hunting fit for a king at Belvior Castle in the UK

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    I am setting a hunting Package up in the UK at historic and beautiful Belvior Castle...

    The packages will involve..

    Driven Pheasant & Partridge & Duck....
    Driven hair
    Duck & Goose flights
    Red fox hunting
    Rabbit hunting
    Pigeon shooting
    Muntjac & Roe buck stalking
    Trout fishing

    Make your own package up...

    To top all of this off you can even stay in the Castle and dinner in one of may of the dinning rooms.

    Why not come to England and and live like a king for a week!

    Contact me by email.

    407515_230575453691506_213072838775101_531633_1139008084_n.jpg 419722_249150745167310_213072838775101_571103_1122985943_n.jpg 395474_230573313691720_213072838775101_531587_1639397532_n.jpg 396961_230572947025090_213072838775101_531578_243881438_n.jpg 400810_230574737024911_213072838775101_531619_2050530934_n.jpg 401083_230572813691770_213072838775101_531576_1712873470_n.jpg 401769_230573223691729_213072838775101_531585_777169037_n.jpg 403020_230575293691522_213072838775101_531629_1433196013_n.jpg

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